My New Niece!!!

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A week earlier than expected, my sister gave birth to my adorable niece on November 22.  I've received MANY pictures during the last 3 weeks and she changes between each picture!  When I was out visiting her in Colorado in August, we designed her baby announcements.  We cut all the paper and had everything ready to go.  I wasn't able to help her finish them but the hard work of designing the perfect announcement was done which was a relief months ahead of time!  I love stamping with her so our creative juices were just flowing!

Now that the announcements are sent out I wanted to share with you the announcement.

<untitled> (72)

<untitled> (71)

We made a few different versions since the Beau Chateau DSP has only two sheets of each design.  This is the one I received in the mail from her last week.  I never took a sample when created them so I was excited to see the finished product!

This pulls out of the pocket…

<untitled> (65)

Then this beautiful image appears…

<untitled> (64)

Of all the pictures she has sent me I do believe this is my favorite!  I can't wait to have one of my own as soon as my parents arrive from being there for over two weeks helping out and enjoying the Karbowski family!  The announcement uses ALL Stampin' Up! product and I know Amy is relieved they are done and sent out! 

Thanks for letting me share my beautiful niece with you!


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  1. Love the photo, so sweet! The announcement is just beautiful Aunt Jenny.

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