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Everyone has different reasons for purchasing the Stampin’ Up! Starter Kit. 

Perhaps one of these possibilities describes you?

Shop Stampin Up! with Lakeshore StampingI Just Want the Kit: Do you simply want to indulge in the enormous savings on the customizable starter kit? Are you new to stamping and just want to get a great start? This scenario is perfectly acceptable and describes my original motivation for purchasing the kit.

Hobby Demonstrator: You’re passionate about stamping and love a bargain. You can’t resist the fabulous deal of the customizable starter kit, 30% off the first $150 order and regular 20% discount. You’ll satisfy your stamping addiction this way and occasionally sell to friends and family to keep up your quarterly $300 to stay active.

Hybrid Demonstrator: You love purchasing Stampin’ Up! at a discount, doing workshops and earning extra income for bills, holidays or even monthly pedicures. You work a lot some months and a little other months.

Career Demonstrator: Honestly, I started in the “I Just Want the Kit” category, learned about the income potential and moved to career demonstrator. I view my Stampin’ Up! demonstrator-ship as a viable business which has developed into a long term career option.

TeamRegional2012_350YOU decide if you want to actively pursue workshops, sales, recruits or, in my case, become a full-time career demo. There is absolutely no obligation to sell anything or buy anything beyond the starter kit. There is no penalty to drop. The quarterly minimum is $300 in retail sales to remain active as a demonstrator.

Stampin’ Up! and I are here to help. Whether you would like to earn money to pay for your stamping supplies, create full or part-time career…or simply want the discounts on your personal stamping projects, you are welcome on my team of demonstrators.

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